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What is a Customised Holiday?

At Tierra, we tailor-make itineraries to fulfil our client’s wildest dreams. Our custom holidays factor in your budget constraints, timeframes, and travel goals—all you need to do is kick back and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Our handmade adventures incorporate expert advice, value for money and round-the-clock support to optimise the entire process from A to Z.

Unique Experiences

Corporate Travel

Corporate off-sites with Tierra

We Tailor-make off-sites and corporate events unlike any you’ve ever seen.

    • Low-cost, fun-filled weekend escapes

      – Rafting in the rivers of Rishikesh, hiking in the hill stations of Lonavla, and camping in the lush forests of Coorg


    • Regular travel provider programs

      – We offer a range of exciting team-building excursions with an exotic twist: speedboat races in Phuket, Humvee desert safaris in Dubai, etc.


    • Off-sites in luxurious local properties

      – We have special contracts with most major hotel chains in India so that we can offer our clients exclusive rates.


    • Premium travel provider and client programs

      – Our premium team-building programmes cover a wide range of bucket-list experiences, from luxury African safaris to upmarket Antarctic cruises