Tierra is an award
winning travel company

Which specializes in Cruises, Luxury Resorts
and Apartments and Customized Holidays.

About Us

Tierra is an award winning online travel agency that crafts tailor-made itineraries for its discerning clientele. The firm specialises in creating bespoke vacations in the world’s most exciting destinations. Clients range from individuals to small groups and corporate entities.

Tierra also offers exclusive access to specially negotiated off-line deals for Luxury Resorts and Cruises.

Rupal Shukla launched the company in 2011 after travelling extensively as a chartered accountant for Deloitte, Bank of America, and KPMG.  Lacklustre experiences the established travel agencies inspired her to create a company that puts the customer first.

Rupal’s unwavering passion for travel and entrepreneurship has seen Tierra evolve into a sought-after bespoke travel provider. And despite its rapid growth, Rupal still personally signs off on every itinerary her company sells.

The Tierra

In the age of booking.com why do some of the
smartest people, book with Tierra

Tierra Provides
  • Exclusive access to Best Hotel and Cruise deals
  • Rates upto 45% lower than our online competitors
  • Personalised travel experiences courtesy of our in-house team
  • Round the clock customer support from beginning to end
  • Expert advice from passionate travel professionals with extensive knowledge of the industry

In the age of booking.com why do some of the
smartest people, book with Tierra

Tierra Price Guarantee Programme
  • Cruises, average savings – 4-10%
  • Luxury properties, average savings -15-45%
  • UP TO 24 hours after booking, We will not only
    match but also BETTER the best online rate

Do more with Tierra


Luxury Cruises

  • Tierra Specialises in Cruises and has contracts with 47 Cruise Liners
  • We have an inventory of 748 different cruise itineraries
  • Tierra has Specially Contracted Rates and Offline Discounts
  • All Rates are Better than Online
  • We also take care of all Excursions & Land Arrangements.


Luxury resorts

  • Tierra Guarantees savings on Online prices
  • We don’t sell Resorts if we are not cheaper than Online rates
  • Our Median discount is 22% and Maximum discount 65%.
  • We are Resort specialists and have intimate knowledge of the property
  • Excellent relationship with the property allows us to give 24*7 related support post booking and while on the trip


International holidays

  • Tierra handcrafts the most perfect holidays for you
  • We offer world class advice from agents who have been to the destinations, local support when you land in a destination and 24*7 support
  • We specialise in Safaris , Self Drivers , Exotic Locations
  • Use us for trips where you NEED a travel agent

Unique Experiences


Corporate Travel

Corporate off-sites with Tierra

We Tailor-make off-sites and corporate events unlike any you’ve ever seen.

    • Low-cost, fun-filled weekend escapes

      – Rafting in the rivers of Rishikesh, hiking in the hill stations of Lonavla, and camping in the lush forests of Coorg


    • Regular travel provider programs

      – We offer a range of exciting team-building excursions with an exotic twist: speedboat races in Phuket, Humvee desert safaris in Dubai, etc.


    • Off-sites in luxurious local properties

      – We have special contracts with most major hotel chains in India so that we can offer our clients exclusive rates.


    • Premium travel provider and client programs

      – Our premium team-building programmes cover a wide range of bucket-list experiences, from luxury African safaris to upmarket Antarctic cruises


Our Partners


Travel to India

At Tierra, we custom-build the ultimate India itinerary to create the vacation of your dreams. Our fully bespoke holidays consider your timeframes, budget constraints, and travel goals—from a sunset at the Taj Mahal to an overnight stay at Udaipur’s Lake Palace. All you need to do is relax and soak up the experience.

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