Top Visa Free destinations for Indians

Raffles Seychelles

Top Visa Free destinations for Indians

Top Visa Free destinations for Indians

Raffles Seychelles

Top visa on arrival destinations for Indian passport holders

Don’t have time for a visa for your summer vacation? Below are 10 fabulous destinations which you can do with Visa on Arrival for Indians

a) Turkey (conditional visa on arrival)

Not strictly a “visa on arrival” destination, however if you have a valid UK or US visa, Indians can get a visa on arrival. A short break in Turkey will include a Istanbul, Cappadocia, and probably a few days in Mediterranean resort.

Turkey is now open to Travel

b) Seychelles

Seychelles is a great beach destination accessible by direct flights from 5hr from Mumbai.

Seychelles is opening up for Indians from April


h) Maldives
Maldives is a great short break option especially as it is fully accessible in the times of Covid

Maldives is now open to Travel

i) Sri-Lanka
With an Electronic pre – arrival Visa, Cheap flights and great hill and beach destinations, Sri-Lanka is perfect for a 5 to 7 day break.

Sri Lanka is now open to Travel

b) Bhutan ( visa on arrival)
An undiscovered gem, India is one of the few countries for which Bhutan doesn’t require a visa. Bhutan can be visited in 4 to 7 days, covering Thimpu, Paro and maybe Wangdu

c) Taiwan ( visa on arrival)
Yes. No Visa required. In fact Taiwan is a tourist surprise and do drop us a mail if you want to discover it

d) Hong Kong ( visa on arrival)
Perfect for a super quick getaway, Hong Kong along with Macau continues to have a no visa on arrival policy for Indians. However if you have an unstamped passport, you will be subject to questioning.

e) Cambodia
Angkor Vat and more. Cambodia is exceptional as a short get away destination. Its cost effective and can be easily fit in a one week travel plan

f) Thailand ( Still a visa on arrival destination) An evergreen favorite.

g) Philippines
A recent inclusion, Philippines now offers 14 day visa on arrival if you posses a valid UK, US, Shenzhen, Japan, Australia, Canada and even a Singapore Visa. Boracay is arguably the top beach destination in SE Asia and visiting it just go easier

j) Jordan :Jordan and Petra is an undiscovered gem and Indians can take advantage of direct Jordan air flights to reach Amman in under 6 hours.An exciting trip idea is to combine Jordan with Istanbul

k) Mauritius :This Island paradise and perfect get-away fro Indian honeymooners doesn’t require pre-authorisation.

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Top 5 Travel Tips to Spain for Indian Travellers

Spain Bull Fighting

Top 5 Travel Tips to Spain for Indian Travellers

Top 5 Travel Tips to Spain for Indian Travellers


Traveling to Spain this summer?

Traveling to Spain this summer?

Spain is a wonderfully diverse country with its own special idiosyncrasies.
These are 5 things to watch out for

a) Language
Though its a not a big problem, as you travel further into the South, less and less people speak English. So while you will be ok in Barcelona, Ibiza and probably in Madrid, a phrasebook will probably be handy as you hit Seville and do the day trips from it.

b) Trains
The Trains leave on Time!In fact in the bigger cities the stations resemble aircraft terminals, with “gates”closing a few minutes before departure. Spain is not Italy and in our experience Spanish train network is more efficient than the German network

c) Beaches
Beware of package Tourists ( especially British) thronging the beaches you choose. This is especially true of the Southern beach resorts of Malaga et all. A teeny weeny bit of research will help you navigate this tourist trap

d) Late Nights
Spain especially Madrid is the latest city in the world. Period.Normal office going people hang around its innumerable bars, even on weekdays till way past midnight and to experience Spain, you have to be a willing participant

e) The Party Season
This is for people going to Ibiza. Summers in Europe start late and Ibiza is strictly a June to September phenomenon. Don\’t bother going outside these dates’,’Travelling to Spain? 5 Essential Travel Tips’,