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If the thought of traveling through the land of the Tzars sends a chill of excitement through your spine, then you have come to the right place. Let Tierra help you with one of the most exciting vacations possible. Here you will have the chance to come face to face with the splendors of Russian Orthodoxy, the tsarist counter revolution, the remains of the once glorious Soviet Union and the modern Putinisque Russia.

The below itinerary first takes you to the most European of Russian cities, St Petersburg. Part Vienna, Part Stockholm, Part Moscow, the modern St Peterburg is an amazingly varied experience.

Built as a modern European city by Peter the Great in an attempt to breakaway from Russia's Orthodox past, St Petersburg contains some of Europe's best classical architecture as well as some of its greatest museums, operas and ballets. Short getaways include a visit to Pushkin and Peterof, the grand palace complexes of Catherine and Peter the Great.

Our next stop is Moscow. We suggest an classical overnight train in a first class cabin. The best trains not only take you back a couple of hundred years, it also brings you quite close to day to day Russian Life.

Moscow is one of the most frenetic cities in the world. New Russia aggressively hugs the old in Moscow, with the classical ( Red Square, Kremlin, St Basil's church) mixing brilliantly with some of the most exciting nightlife in the world. Before we end, a day stay at the old Russian town of Suzdal is essential. You will be transported 300 years to the cradle of Russian Orthodoxy. Tierra will make you stay in a log wood house and you will a very intimate sense of the Russian Small town life.


Planned Activity

  Day Stay Do  
1St Petersburg 3* Boutique B&B Land in St Petersburg around Noon. Walking tour of the city in the afternoon.
2St Petersburg 3* Boutique B&B Culture day. Visit the Museums including the Hermitage. Ballet in the evening (Swan lake)
3St Petrsburg/ Peterof/ St Petersburg 3* Boutique B&B Visit the great palace complex of Peter the Great in the morning. Remaining day at leisure
4St. Petersburg/Pushkin/St. Petersburg 3* Boutique B&B Day Trip to Pushkin. Visit the Palatial Quarters of Katherine the Great. One of the most impressive palace complexes in the world
5St Petersburg / Moscow Overnight Train to Moscow. First Class cabin Land early morning in Moscow. Do a walking tour of the city. Visit the Kremlin, Red Square, St Basil\'s church and the Armory
6Moscow / Suzdal 3* Log cabin Visit Suzdal a historical Russian Village, former seat of the Russian Orthodox Church. Stay overnight in a log cabin
7Moscow 4* Modern Hotel Day at Leisure. Walk along Tverovsky street, Hop on and Hop off the Metro Stops, Meander the along the Artisan Quarters of Kitai Gorad
8Moscow / Fly back

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