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Scandinavia is a region of intense natural beauty. The Scandinavians have taken great care to preserve their natural habitat in its pure, natural form and very few people come back without being amazed by its surreal beauty, especially its Fjord lands. It is also home to some sumptuous cities, all of which revolve around the water and the sea. There are more boat owners in Scandinavia than they are car owners in New York.

The below Itinerary first touches upon Copenhagen, arguably the cutest city in all of Europe. Old fashioned harbors, canals crisscrossing the city, old war ships, busy squares and a resplendent shopping street apart, Copenhagen has probably the best amusement park in Europe, the Tivoli gardens. Tivoli is a creature out of a Roald Dahl novel. If you have a 5 year old, he will find heaven here. Incidentally Walt Disney is said to have used Tivoli as his inspiration when building the much bigger Disneyland in Florida. Stockholm comes next. Bigger and more regal than its Scandinavian peers, Stockholm has some of the most innovative museums in the world, including the Skansen, where “real” life Sweden from yesteryears has been created using actual ancient buildings and real life actors. The next stop is Norway, the place where you come face to face with natural beauty at its rawest. This is best seen in the Scandinavian way, ie: from a ship. You will cruise along the coast of Norway from a Hurtigruten cruise ship, rated by Lonely Planet as the most beautiful cruise in the world. Having been on this cruise, i can vouch for ihis walk. Moving along the Norwegian coast, while navigating through its inlets and Fjords, the cruise is like featuring live on National Geographic show

As your Scandinavian adventure winds down , you will go home with memories of a most spectacular vacations. 


Planned Activity

  Day Stay Do  
1Copenhagen 4 * Boutique B&B Facing Nylan Harbour Land early morning. Spend day at leisure. Spend your evening in Tivoli, one of the best amusement parks in the world.
2Copenhagen / Stockholm 4* Boutique B&B City Tour of Copenhagen. Evening flight to Stockholm
3Stockholm 4* Boutique B&B Stockholm City and Boat Tour. See how a big city coexist perfectly with the sea. Most of Stockholm\'s population owns a boat
4Stockholm 4* Boutique B&B Visit Skansen and the Vasa museum. Two of the most innovative open air museums in the world. A must do.
5Stockholm / Oslo 4* Boutique B&B Morning Flight to Oslo. Day at Leisure
6Oslo/ Bergen 4* Harbour facing Boutique B&B See the best of Norway as you travel from Oslo to Bergen in a \"Norway in a Nutshell \"Tour
7Fjord Country 4* Harbour facing Boutique B&B Spend the day in the Stavanger Fjord
8Hurtigruten Cruise Cruise, Ocean View cabin with Balcony Get on the Hurtigruten Cruise, rated the most scenic cruise in the world by Lonely Planet
9Hurtigruten Cruise Cruise, Ocean View cabin with Balcony Stops include Aldstadt, a traditional Norwegian town
10Hurtigruten Cruise Cruise, Ocean View cabin with Balcony Stops include Temase
11Hurtigruten Cruise Cruise, Ocean View cabin with Balcony Stops include the Lofoten Islands. Cross the Arctic Circle. In winter you can do dog sledging or see the Northern Lights
12Hurtigruten Cruise / Tromoso / Oslo 4* Boutique B&B Day at leisure
13Oslo / Flight Back

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