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An African Safari is unique for the quality and reliability of its animal sightings. You are almost guaranteed to see the big predators a few feet from your jeep. East Africa also offers you the chance to come face to face with the silverback gorilla in its natural equatorial habitat

The best safari experience necessarily involves seeing the great migration as millions of wildebeests trek across the plains of the Serengeti. The big predators are always lurking and you never know when you will get to see an animal kill. Tierra will put you right in middle of the action, putting you up in tented camps, right in the heart of the migration. You will be unlucky not to have wildebeest, zebras, giraffes or hyenas wander through your camp. You will also see one of the world’s natural wonders, Ngorogoro Crater. This crater, formed by an extinct volcano is home to the highest concentration of African big game in the world. The gorillas come next, with a visit to the Parc de Volcanoes National park in Rwanda. Situated at the foot of a volcano, you not only have a better backdrop for your gorilla trek and encounter with the silverbacks. Finish your vacation on the Indian Ocean and the undiscovered beach paradise of Zanzibar .

PS: Cost indication does not include international flights


Planned Activity

  Day Stay Do  
1Mumbai / Nairobi / Ngorogoro Crater 4* Luxury Lodge Flight and Transfer to Ngorocrater through Nairobi and Mt Kilimanjaro airport. Rest and Relax. Explore the Rim of Crater. One of world\'s natural wonders
2Ngorogoro Crater 4* Luxury Lodge Full day safari in the middle of the Volcano crater
3Serengeti 5* Luxury Tented Camp Fly by charter plane to the Serengeti. Pitch Camp in the middle of the greatest migration known to mankind. Half day safari
4Serengeti 5* Luxury Tented Camp Full day Safari. Have animals walk through your camp at night
5Serengeti 5* Luxury Tented Camp Full day Safari. If you are lucky you will get to see an animal kill
6Rwanda 4* Luxury Lodge, Volcano View Fly into Rwanda. Travel into dense rainforests.Your lodge will look into the rainforest with volcanoes arising in the background
7Rwanda 4* Luxury Lodge, Volcano View Full day Gorilla Trek. See one of the few remaining silverback gorillas face to face
8Rwanda / Zanzibar 5* Beach Resort Fly into Zanzibar. Zanzibar. Indian Ocean and Spices
9Zanzibar 5* Beach Resort Recuperate from the safari amongst some of the best beaches in the world
10Zanzibar 5* Beach Resort Safari Blue trip. Turquoise blue water and White beaches
11Zanzibar 5* Beach Resort Spice tour and Stone town. Sun-downers and Shopping
12Zanzibar / Nairobi/ Mumbai Fly back

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