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Corporate travel

Corporate off-sites with Tierra

For corporates, we design corporate events and off-sites, which are different from the ordinary.

These range from
* Low-cost fun filled innovative city breaks - Rafting weekends in Rishikesh, Trekking trips to Lonavla or camping in Coorg
* Internal off-sites in Premium domestic properties - We have contracts with most of the major hotel chains in India and amongst other things , we enjoy good rates
* Regular Dealer programs - We try and do these programs with a twist. Speedboat challenges in Phuket, Desert Safaris in a Hummer in Dubai etc
* High end dealer and client programs -  These are specially designed programs. Team building on an African Safari, Rewarding high performing dealers in Istanbul or seeing polar bears on an Arctic cruise with clients and more

Apart from the planning, we take care of all the travel logistics and our local representatives provide on-site personalized support. Pre-purchase contracts with some of the top hotel chains often give us a cost advantage.

The key differentiators of Tierra is that its promoters have actually traveled to the locations. Advisory and execution are based on personal travel experiences. Having worked in top MNC's and having been part of multiple off-sites, they know what exactly is required

Some of the most respected names in the industry work with us including  Unilever, HDFC Bank SBI, E&Y, KPMG, Deloitte and some top-knotch PE firms.

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